FAQS - Dental Implants
FAQs - Dental Implants

  What are dental implants?
  How much do dental
    implants cost?

  Who is a candidate for
    dental implants?

  Am I too old for
    dental implants?

  How successful are
    dental implants?

  How long does the dental
    implant treatment take?

  Does the dental implant
    treatment hurt?

  How do I maintain my
    dental implant?

  How do I start treatment?

FAQs - Dental Implants

Does the dental implant treatment hurt?

Dental ImplantsMost patients report that having a dental implant placed is easier than having a tooth extracted. Many patients will state that it feels like having a filling placed. There is some vibration and "drilling" sounds, but it is a very comfortable procedure.

Most patients will have some mild discomfort for a few days following dental implant placement, but usually nothing requiring more than Motrin or Tylenol. About 30% of patients will have some mild swelling for three to four days. Most patients are fine to return to work the following day and strenuous exercise in two days.

Dental implants offer a better solution to the problem of missing teeth!

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